concept for vacant lot development

Avoiding competition throughniches. Ecologicale niche discribes an process in which a subpopulation adapts to new living conditions thereby escaping intraspecific competition.
The subpopulation settles in a new or different ecological niche.
This new ecologicale niche is the prerequisite for various animal and plant species shareing the same biotope. Within the same ecological niche they would compete with each other, and only the most
competitive species would survive in the long run.

The recyclable timber constructio creates numerous niche for ecological diversity. 
The narrow plot messure 4.20m x 14.20m. 
Platforms,three residential units with open floor plans and
a roof top terrace.   

The sleeping area is on a mezzanine leve and furnished with flexibl multifunctional staircase. Sliding door ensure privacy and separate the living area from the kitchen und bathroom.The shared area predominate in terms of space creating niches for gardening.