How can connections between bodies and their surroundings be made visible?

intra_stream makes the aerosols visible in order to convey the relational capability of the posthuman subject experiential and to define the space of uncertainty. This uncertainty characterizes the phenomenon of ecosystem, where exchange, relationships, and the negotiation of resources are ubiquitous. Humanity has attempted to detach itself from the network of relationships. This project extends an invitation to explore our surroundings. By visualizing the present, it emphasizes that we are always part of a living system.

The project consists of two closely interconnected components that offer a unique experience of visualizing aerosols through Augmented Reality. The first component, _stream, is a mobile wind measurement station designed to capture wind speed and direction. This is achieved using an anemometer and a wind vane. The second component, intra_, is the portal through which the visualized aerosols can be experienced. Utilizing AR technology, a virtual environment is created where aerosols become visible. To initiate the AR experience, an aerosol located on the portal can serve as a hint. This aerosol can be scanned with a tablet, causing the visualized aerosols to appear on the device. The scanning process enables interaction between the real and virtual world.