This project is a concept for an stage play.

This concept of a stage play is based on the book Neotopia written in 2000 by Manuela Pfrunder.
What would the world be like if we all had the same conditions?
Manuela Pfrunder answers this question by presenting an imaginary new world order. Neotopia shows the vision of a world in which everything is redistributed in terms of radical justice, where everyone has the same rights and therefore the same claim to all resources. Based on statistics, ownership is regulated in such a way that everyone gets an equal share of everything. Neotopia gives everyone their own land, 291.5m x 291.5m surrounded by the ocean, with an island, water, culture, farmland, desert ext. Inequality are also distributed meaning every one is equal blind, poor, illiterate, unemployed, disabled during their lifetime.

The scenography is inspired by the graphics of Manuela Pfrunder and works with projections, interactive movement and voices from the off.
The spectators find themselves on two opposite grandstands with the stage in between. In the beginning the thought experiment of Neotopia is explained immersive by means of a ceiling projection. Following Neotopia builds up interactively and the proportions can be experienced. Life in Neotopia is shown through different situations.
Experience radical justice.
Ultimately, viewers are prompted to think – what would prevail in this next world if we push justice even further? In the end, what would every one have more of the good or the bad?